On a field between majestic mountains, surrounded by the large glacier Jostedalsbreen, lays Slattene Gard. From early spring you can hear the waterfalls plunging from the mountainsides. Here you will find peace and quiet.

About the farm

Slåttene Gard (gard is ‘farm’ in norwegian) is a good starting point for beautiful mountain hikes in Jostedalsbreen National Park or other attractions in the area.

Slåttene Gard is a nybrotsbruk from the 1920s, this was when Bertil Haugen and his wife Anna Fonn Haugen started to build the farm. Together they had 8 children and they all lived in small log house until the 1950s.

Jølster is located in the middle of Sogn og Fjordane. You can reach the inner and outer parts of the county with less than two hours in all directions. You will find all kinds of different activities depending on your need and desire.

Activities can custom to your needs and wishes. Slåttene Gard is equipped with jacuzzi, infrared sauna, campfire (for cooking) and gas grill. Ready for you when you come 'home to the farm".

Here is great hiking in the Jostedalsbreen National Park, Haugabreen etc. The farm is a good starting point for those who prefer an active holiday and great outdoors experiences.


The two houses you can hire is in the middle of the small farm. The farm is not in normal operation, but the area and fields around the farm is farmed by neighbours.
Kårhuset is a house built in 1952, now restored. Here you can rent bedrooms which lies on the second floor.
There will be the opportunity to order breakfast for those who wish to stay overnight in Kårhuset.

There is a washing machine available in the bathroom. On the ground floor you will find massage room, here you have the opportunity to book an appointment.

With breakfast: 400,- per person
Bed linen and towel: 100,- per person.
Cleaning after stay: 200,-
Accommodation for 4-6 persons.
Internet and TV are available. Modern kitchen, bathroom and an opportunity to wash clothes in the basement. The house can be used to host parties for up to 20-25 persons.

The notched livingroom has a special atmosphere, with floor heater and with the old wood-fired kitchen stove intact. Gamle Stova can be rented per day or week.
With breakfast: 400,- per person.
Bed linen and towel: 100,- per person.
Cleaning after stay: 500,-
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